We would like to thank all the bands, musicians, singers,
songwriters, record companies, lawyers, and managers
for using our studios and for all the referrals through the years!

Below is a partial list of artists that have used our studios.

1979 - 1989
Bernie Leadon, Harry Dean Stanton, Toni Childs, Circle Jerks, Phil Seymour, Broken Homes, Windows, Plimsouls, Talkback, Jack Lee, Angel, 54-40, Puss "n" Boots, The Rave Ups, Michael Anderson, The Dickies, Tori Amos, Invitro, Textones, Marti Jones/Color Me Gone, Wall of Voodoo, Lucinda Williams, John Trubee, The Dream Syndicate, Ray Parker Jr., Laughing Sam's Dice, Weird Al Yankovic, Hughes Corporation, The Nymphs, Coal Porters, Liza & Kenny Edwards, Sterilles, Viva Saturn, Wishful Thinking, Richie H?ss, Russ Tolman, The Droogs, Jimmy Z, Quiet Riot, Pat McLaughlin, Cry On Cue, Red Temple Spirits, Phast Phreddie, Danny Johnson, Sheilas, Ian McLagan's Loco, The Creamers, Naughty Sweeties, Zoogs Rift and His Amazing Shit Heads, The Cowsills, Carmine Appice, Santa Fe, Frazer Smith, David + David, Mr. Mister, Crazy Horse, Lee Ving, Kathy Valentine, Vivabeat, Celebrity Skin, Strunz & Farrah, Bad Religion, Snake Rock, Rain Parade, Dr. Strut, Denver Mexicans, Walker Stories, Slink, Felony, Horse Soldiers, The Great Crowd, Stan Ridgeway, ...
1990 - 1999
Matthew Sweet, Dave Davies, Dream Syndicate, Gary Wright, Rosie Flores, Pete Anderson, Brenton Wood, Lolly Vegas, The King Brothers, Victoria Williams, Phil Chen, Jamie James, Phil Brown, Halfcocked, Brandon Cruz, Tony Marsico, Ruff Cutt, Carla Olsen, Kathy Valentine, Epidemic, Will Roc, Jon Brooks, Bow Wow Wow, Burning Candles-Tommy Girvin, Bad Boys of blues, Chris Squire, Billy Sherwood, Bullet Boys, Don Julio, Continental Drifters, Harry Dean Stanton, Lou Diamond Phillips, John C. Riley, Code 3, Cindy Alexander, Christian Nesmith, Andersons, Limp Bisket, Bad Religion, Brian Setzer, Redbone, Bleeding Harp Band, Roger Burns, Lester Chambers, The Cowsills, Macy Gray, Lazy Cowgirls, The Dickies, Sherman Hemsley, Kouros, Leon Mobley, Steve Wynn, Mandrill, Streetwalking , Cheetah’s, Jane Weidlan, Tony Levin, Terry Bozio, Steve Stevens, Kikka Costa, Seth Green, Breken Myers, Tony Avalon, Fortune, Gabble Ratchet, Throttle Back Sparky, Tom Mclear, Black Cats, Orchard, Keno, Weird Al Yankovic, Nancy Sinatra, Electro Static, Mockingbirds, Robbie Rist, King Size Maybe, Willard Overstreet, St. Sebastian, Billy Slater, John Rosenberg, Togo, Loren Israel, Mr. Fist, Vaccine, Burn the Empire, Thomas's Apt, Blank Label, Back Alley, Michael Sherwood, Jimmy Hahn, Scott Grimes, Tom Fletcher, Dokken, Yes, ...
2000 -

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